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Promotion & Branding

Branding of Awesome Assam and Promotion of Assam Tourism

Assam is endowed with plentiful natural and cultural resources which can form the basis for a very lucrative tourism industry, creating employment and generating income not only in the urban centers but also in the rural areas. What has held tourism back in Assam was its insurgency issues, its remoteness, a sense of perceived insecurity and negative publicity of the place. The need of the hour is to market Assam vigorously in order to refurbish its image in the national and international market using latest technological interventions.

Assam can become one of the most sought after destinations in the country because of its magnificent tourism products like exotic wildlife, awesome scenic beauty, colorful fairs and festivals, age old historical monuments, lush green tea gardens and golf courses, massive river Brahmaputra and its tributaries, serene and tranquil country side and warm and hospitable people.

Inspite of having tremendous tourism potential, Assam has not yet aggressively marketed itself. This year Assam Tourism is planning to do the following :-

  • To make a comprehensive marketing strategy in consultation with professional agencies.
  • A brand image of Assam as “Awesome Assam” will be created portraying the states uniqueness and exotic beauty. The brand name will be translated to Hindi and other National and International languages.
  • The Campaign of “Awesome Assam” will be launched dynamically with the help of Brand Ambassador through newspapers, life style magazines, in-flight magazines, TV advertisements, Talk shows, Road shows, Travel marts and Tourism stalls and kiosks etc.
  • Regular Meet with the National and International Tour Operators Association & Hoteliers & Restaurateurs Association will be organized. FAM tours will also be organized regularly.
  • A vigorous campaigning through social media such as Facebook, You-Tube, Twitter, Blogging sites will be launched to attract the younger up-coming generation of Tourists. Apart from these we may also adopt Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Tourism Sector to upgrade the system. A special cell for maintenance & updating of information will be created for sustainability.
Promotion & Branding