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An external website link on Assam Online Portal is unavailable. Why can't I access this link?

Assam Online Portal provides a variety of external links to complement the information and services provided to our valued users. These links can direct you to the websites of government ministries, bodies and related organizations, as well as official resources such as government documents and/or applications. In the event that there is a broken link or problem with a referred website, our support team works closely with the associated webmaster to identify and rectify the problem. The availability, accuracy and integrity of all external websites provided on Assam Online Portal are of paramount importance. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Does Assam Online Portal provide public directory services for businesses and individuals?

Web Directories' service is available on the Assam Online Portal, which gives all related information.

Will Assam Online Portal replace Ministry websites?

No, Assam Online Portal will not replace Ministry websites. Ministries will continue developing their individual websites, and you will be able to access links to existing Ministry websites through the Useful links on the Assam Online Portal, where appropriate.
Assam Online Portal is designed around the specific needs of its users (citizens,
businesses, government and other interests). Now, you can access Government information without first needing to know the specific Ministry responsible.

Does AOP provide access to any Government services online?

Yes. Some of the current government services online include applying for jobs advertised here, searching for and registering a business, performing an income tax self-assessment, finding information on key issues like health and education, and accessing tourist information on Assam. As additional government services continue to be re-engineered and automated, increasingly they will become accessible via Assam Online Portal Your ongoing feedback continues to assist Government in determining those services that are most relevant to you.

How does Assam Online Portal benefit the people of Assam?

A user-centric approach was employed in designing Assam Online Portal This means that information is arranged with your needs in mind. Assam Online Portal strives to fulfill the needs of all its users. At present it focuses broadly on four (4) categories of users
4.Other Interests

Assam Online Portal is a one-stop site for accessing 'all of government' from a single location. The current version provides you with a convenient way to access government information online, and will evolve to include key government services online.