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Amar Alohi scheme (Home stay)

Apply for seeking benefits under Amar Alohi scheme (Home stay):

‘Aamaar Aalohi’ - Rural Homestay Scheme is framed by the Tourism Department, Govt. of Assam, with the objectives of giving a new dimension and thrust to the Rural Homestay Facilities in the State of Assam and creation of self-employment opportunities for educated youths in rural and semi-urban areas of tourism potential and importance.

Under this Scheme, Assam Tourism Development Corporation invites two types of application: (1) New Homestays (subsidised projects) (2) Existing Homestays.

Selection process of units / beneficiaries & criteria:

Suitability criteria for selection of the houses and their premises, their locations would be one of the most important criteria. The houses should not only be from a rural/non-urban area, these should be close to important tourists spots and may also be in such locations where some important tourism events like fairs and festivals etc. are held which draw large number of visitors from different places.

(a) The selection process for registration of existing Home Stay units will be depends on the following :-

(i)Step – I : They have applied by submitting the prescribed Application Form (vide Annexure – III) alongwith the necessary documents / testimonials within the stipulated time mentioned in the Advertisement.

(ii)Step – II : On the basis of their application, the Standard and Quality Assurance Committee will inspect their property and recommended the suitable applicants on the basis of their property by submitting an Inspection Report before the Selection Committee.

(iii)Step – III : The Selection Committee will examine their Application Form and the Inspection Report and on the basis of that they will be shortlisted the applicants for the training programme to be organized by ATDC Ltd.

(iv)Step – IV : On the basis of the performance in the Training Programme on hospitality & housekeeping services and management skills to run Home Stay Units, the Selection Committee will finally selected the suitable Homestays for registration under the scheme.

(b)The selection process of beneficiaries for providing Subsidy / Margin money Assistance to set-up new Home Stay unit will be as follows :-

(i) Step – I : Assam tourism development Corporation Ltd will issue open advertisement inviting offers from interested individual families and shall apply in prescribed Application Forms. These applications alongwith their submitted (as per the Application Form) documents / testimonials would be examined for shortlisted, if necessary, shall call them for discussion before shortlisted. The applicants should have the following :

* The applicant should have minimum educational qualification of minimum 12th standard pass.

* The age of the applicant will not less than 26 years and not more than 55 years as on 01.01.2017.

(ii) Step – II : The Standard & Quality Assurance Committee will inspect the premises, locations of the shortlisted applicants proposals and further shortlisted their applications for the training programme to be organized by ATDC Ltd. on hospitality, housekeeping services and management skills to run Home Stays. (iii) Step – III : After the training programme, the Selection Committee will select the suitable beneficiaries on the basis of the report of the Standard & Quality Assurance Committee and their performance in the training programme for providing subsidy / margin money assistance to set up new Rural Home Stay Unit.

Apart from above,The Applicant will also have taken necessary clearance of district / sub-divisional authorities on credential and other relevant issues including status of land etc. for Registration of existing Home Stay Unit or setting-up of the proposed Home Stay Unit. A Police Verification Certificate has also to be obtained for selection. 

Incentives / Assistance to be given under the scheme:

(i) The existing Homestay units will get the following incentives under the scheme :-

(a) Recognition through online-registration as an authorized tourist establishment register under Assam Tourism;

(b) Professional advice for improvements of homestays & guest services by experts in the respective fields;

(c) Free training on homestay and hospitality services, basic accounts, attitude building, marketing etc.;

(d) Free publicity and marketing opportunities through official websites of Assam Tourism;

(e) Listing the accommodation guide and homestay directory published by Assam Tourism;

(f) Free of charge listing in the periodically printed brochures and advertisement;

(g) Free marketing opportunities via national and international information counters, travel fairs, tourist directories, guidebooks and social media networks;

(h) Allow eligible homestay unit to display the Assam Tourism homestay logo as a registered establishment;

(i) Familiarization trips (FAM trips) for homestay operators to famous homestay organization / tourism entities promoting rural, cultural and nature tourism.

(j) Encourage local communities to adopt organic farming techniques.

(ii)For newly set-up Homestay units will be entitled for the following incentives / financial assistance under the scheme along with the aforesaid incentives under (i) above: 

(a)Limit of subsidy for the type of construction :- 

(i)Assam type cottage (type 1): Assistance of 80% of the project cost as per Annexure IV;

(ii)Stilted Assam type cottage (type 2): Assistance of 80% of the project cost as per Annexure V;


(b)The remaining fund (20% of project cost) would have to be arranged from bank or such other sources by the beneficiaries. 

(c)The Govt. of Assam or ATDC Ltd. shall not provide any guarantee for the loan components nor shall be liable for any financial liability of the beneficiaries in any manner under this scheme at any point of time to any party for any reason whatsoever.

Release of financial assistance and time limit for completion:

The State Govt. assistance 80% would be released in the following phases :

(a)20% of the assistance immediately after selection, approval and registration of the units and on production of documentary proof of arrangement of the remaining fund for the project apart from the subsidy / margin money assistance.

(b)The second instalment of 50% would be released after spot verification by authorized officials and on being satisfied that construction up a reasonable extent have been completed with the first installment from his/her own contribution of 20% of the project.

(c)The final instalment of 30% would be released after completion of the civil works and the unit is ready for commissioning.

(d)The time limit for completion of the units would be 6 months from the date of release of the 1st instalment.

Only selected new homestays can avail subsidy from Tourism Department, Govt. of Assam to build the home of an amount of approx. ₹ 6 lakh (Assam type) and approx. ₹ 8 lakh (stilted Assam type).

Assam Tourism Development Corporation invites applications time to time. The all types of applied homestays are selected after scrutinised and personally inspected under a Selection Committee of Tourism Department.

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